Police On Heightened Alert For 50 Cent Concert

Police providing security

to a 50 Cent concert tonight are on high alert in the U.K., fearing violence in

the crowd may erupt during his concert at the Manchester Evening News Arena.

According to sources,

the reason for the heightened security is a drug war taking place in the surrounding

area of south Manchester between the Gooch and Doddington gangs.

Police will search

every patron of the concert for weapons and while they said the chance of violence

erupting in the arena is slim, they are worried about violence outside of the


Police will be

on patrol throughout the areas of known violence outside of the arena, while

undercover police will mix with the crowd to prevent any violence inside of

the sold out concert.

In addition to

the escalating tensions between the two gangs, gun violence in the U.K. has

become a serious problem.

Manchester has

had issues with gang-related violence since the 1990’s.

Last week when

50 arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport, authorities detained him and questioned

the rapper for almost four hours.

Officials wouldn’t

clarify why he was questioned, but was granted entry into the U.K.

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