The Struggle

Artist: CappadonnaTitle: The StruggleRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Paine

Before Killah Priest and Shyhiem , Killarmy and Mathematics, the first Wu affiliate to arrive was Cappadonna. After his blazing verse on Ghostface’s “Winter Warz”, it’s little wonder that his debut, The Pillage reached number one on the Billboard charts in 1998. With no strong single, the record remains one of the better Wu solos ever released. Still, his follow-up, The Yin and the Yang would be nearly ignored, only to be chased by an un-needed greatest hits compilation. Today, Cappadonna can be found driving a cab as proof of his changing fortunes. So, with his first independent release, Cappa is aiming to recreate his initial buzz.

Cappa is best known for his bass-heavy voice and paused delivery, he still amazes. “Get Away From the Door”, which also features Inspectah Deck, is one of the best hardcore Wu tracks made in years. A great drum beat mixed with strings sound great under Cappadonna’s aggressive delivery and Deck’s rhythmic chorus. Other tracks like, “Season of Da Vick” matches with that ruggedry.

This album has a lot of efforts in terms of big production. Rather than fill the record with low-key beats, each track seems like a push to go over the top. Some tracks, like “Power of a Peso” and “We Got This” work extremely well. Other efforts such as “Money, Cash, Flows” and “Killa Killa Hill Y’all” could’ve been toned down to work stronger. Still, this record plays to match Cappadonna’s grittier attitude and remorseless content matter. Unlike some of his crew brothers that are still finding their post-Rza sound, Cappadonna has come into his own.

The Struggle reflects its title. Those who have watched Cappadonna’s career become a chess piece turned over to the corporate greed of the industry will appreciate this album. Like his debut, Cappadonna has found that hunger and urgency again and offers an album that begs of understanding.

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