Ice Cube Explains “Terrorist Threats”

Ice Cube, Mack 10

and WC are preparing to drop Terrorist Threats, the latest Westside Connection


Like their multiplatinum

Bow Down, the group is going against the grain and calling out the rap


In the process,

the trio hope to drop some gem’s while they have their listeners ears.

"It was thought

put into the whole album," Cube told "You can not only

listen to the album, but it can inspire you. We are tackling a couple of different


Ice Cube has labeled

the album an "intelligent" one, which touches on a variety of subjects

as opposed to an album filled with radio friendly rap.

The album tackles

the current state of rap music, what a "real pimp" does and other

forms of street knowledge.

"The whole

thing is…never pimp a hoe pimp a CEO," Cube continued. "We just

trying to inject some energy back into the people this time. We didn’t want

to make an album that you dance to or listen to talk bout who you wanna f*ck

and that stuff. We just talking about real stuff that street politic."

Westside Connection’s

Terrorist Threats hits stores December 9th.

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