50 Cent’s G6 Sneaker Debuts Big

50 Cent’s recently

released sneaker with Reebok, the G6 from the G-Unit Collection, marked one of

the best liquidations of a debut Reebok shoe.

According to Reebok, the shoe completely sold out of the Reebok.com store and

in key global markets such as New York, Philadelphia and London.

“My Reebok G-Unit sneaker blew out of the stores just like I hoped it would,”

50 Cent said. “The word has hit the streets, I rap about the shoe in my new video

and the fans are definitely feeling it.”

The next installment of the collection is the black/royal G6, which hits stores

December 23rd, while a white/pink version for girls hits stores in February.

To market the sneakers to consumers, Reebok created the “Rbk Street Squad,” comprised

of the same team members responsible for creating the street buzz around 50’s

major label debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Posters, postcards and flyers featuring 50 will be placed in barbershops, hair

salons, nightclubs, clothing stores and restaurants.

“Reebok is thrilled with the early buzz the G6 has generated,” said Micky Pant,

Reebok’s chief marketing officer. “50 Cent has earned his reputation as the hottest

MC right now and young people want to sport the shoe he is wearing.”

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