The collection

of hip-hop journalists who penned the best selling "ego trip’s Big Book

of Racism!," are looking to turn their tome into television through a partnership

with VH1.

According to Chairman

Mao, a member of the editorial team behind the defunct ego trip magazine, they

are developing a "spin-off television program" titled "TV Race


The program will

examine the trials and tribulations of minorities on television. Backed with

the irreverent wit which ego trip was known to deliver, the show will provide

an acerbic tone to the sensitive subject of race and the visual medium of television.

Chairman Mao, a

founder of ego trip, has said the country has an obsessive fixation for all

things race and his team simply is bringing that idea to the forefront, much

to the chagrin of conservative talk-show host Bill O’Reilly who denounced their

book as "a big mistake."

"We presented

the idea that race is the new pornography," the scribe told Fortune magazine.

"[It’s] a fascinating taboo that America still has problems talking about


The five-man ego

trip collective-Elliot Wilson of XXL magazine, Sacha Jenkins, Gabriel Alvarez,

Chairman Mao, and photographer Brent Rollins-also released "ego trip’s

Book of Rap Lists," in November of 1999. There is no

word when "TV Race Riot!," will air.

Another television

project put together by ego trip alumni is the XXL & MTV2 presentation of

the most anticipated hip-hop albums of 2004. The show is slated to his airwaves

January 25 at 2 p.m. ET.

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