KRS-One Offers Free Download, Preps “Hiphop Appreciation Week”

Hip-Hop veteran KRS-One is offering his 13th

album for free download on his website,

Registered members are downloading the album

and some have called it some of the rapper’s best material to date.

KRS is preparing for this year’s "Hiphop

Appreciated Week." The appreciation week is the 9th article of the Temple

Of Hip-Hop’s Declaration of Peace.

"Hiphop Appreciation Week" runs May

16th-23rd. Hip-Hop followers across the globe are urged to remember "its

ancestors and appreciate the elements, principles and history of Hiphop."

The concept of faith pertaining to HipHop is

defined by KRS’ "Gospel of Hiphop."

"Those that live by faith need not an abundance

of anything. They always have exactly what they need exactly when they need

it. Never too soon, never too late, never too much and never too little, the

faithful always have enough! For faith and the knowing that comes from righteous

living eliminates fear and doubt. And likewise, fear and doubt caused by ignorance

and unrighteous living eliminates faith. Choose right now which of the two you

shall serve—fear or faith, doubting or knowing!"

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