The Source Hit With Lawsuits

The Source Magazine has been hit with four lawsuits

in the past six weeks according to, alleging that the rap

magazine has not paid bills amounting to over $1 million dollars.

The lawsuits were filed in New York Supreme Court

and seek a total of $1.35 million dollars, $1.1 million of that being owed to

Gould Paper Corporation, a New York paper merchant.

The Source’s travel agent, Tzell Travel, is seeking

$142,351.68, claiming that The Source’s owners, David Mays and Raymond "Benzino"

Scott never paid for hundreds of airline tickets since last August and started

to fall behind on payments in October and November of 2003.

"Upon information and belief, Defendants

at all times knew and were fully aware that they did not have funds sufficient

to fully pay for the airline tickets and related charges being incurred by Tzell,"

the lawsuit reads.

Manhattan based lithographers Brita Litho Inc.

is seeing $30,000, while Nicholas Varney Jewels a 5th Avenue jeweler, seeks

$36,000 after a pair of earrings turned up missing after a 2003 photo shoot.

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