Bizzy Bone Denies Signing With B2K’s Label

Last month, members of B2K boasted that they had signed Bizzy Bone to their new label, Super Fam Records, but the Bone Thug rapper is denying the reports.

“We bringing Bizzy Bone back,” B2K’s J-Boog said last month.

While Bizzy admits there were talks, the signing never officially happened.

Bizzy Bone told, “It is not true, at all. I didn’t know that they had a label, actually. The last that I heard about B2K was that the lead singer left. I had talked to a member on the phone a few times. He wanted to do a deal with me. I said, ‘You know what? I’ve been in this game for twelve years professionally. Send me paperwork because [it] rules this game.’ I never got a call back from this kid.”

When the news was posted on AllHiphop, he said he began to get feedback from all over the country and in various media outlets.

“When in hit [], oh my goodness, it hit “The Tom Joyner Show,” it came from so many different directions. I’m talking about California, New York, everywhere I’m getting calls. And now, I gotta get you [AllHipHop]. I’m coming to get you now. You shouldn’t of said that,” he continued laughing.”

Bizzy Bone is adding the finishes touches to his third solo album, Alpha and Omega, which will be released through 7th Sign/Universal Records.

The lead single, “I Wanna Die For You” hits radio this month.

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