Update: Jurors Say They They Cannot Reach A Verdict In Beanie Sigel

Jurors in the trial of Beanie Sigel said today

they cannot reach a verdict on any of the charges related to his attempted murder


Shortly after 1 p.m., jurors told Common Pleas

Court Judge Karen Shreeves-Johns that they decided they couldn’t reach a verdict

in their second day of deliberations.

Shreeve-Johns told the jurors to keep trying,

saying they had only deliberated three hours and that it would be inappropriate

to dismiss them from the case this fast.

The jury was sent home late Wednesday afternoon

and returned today.

The jurors debated yesterday morning and asked

for portions of testimony from the trial, which lasted four days. The most intersesting

testimony has come from the man who Sigel is accused of shooting, Terrance Speller.

Speller and another key witness for the prosecution

first told police Speller was shot by unknown men seeking to rob him.

Sigel’s lawyer Fortunato Perri told the jury

the men changed their story and falsely accused Sigel, seeking to get money

from the rapper, who has sold over 12 million records.

Speller maintained that he was "scared"

of Sigel, due to his street reputation and that’s why he lied when talking to

the police.

Perri brought up both men’s criminal past telling

the jurors "They’re two admitted liars, convicted criminals, who were drunk

and high during this incident."

Yesterday, jurors requested Terrance Speller’s

medical records and photographs from the crime scene in a back room, while a

cround of supporters which included Roc-A-Fella CEO’s Jay-Z, Dame Dash and Karrem

"Biggs" Burke, who patiently waited hours for a verdict before leaving

After they deliberated, the judge sent the jurors

home and they returned today in an attempt to reach a verdict.

Sigel is accused of shooting Speller last July,

after an argument outside of a local Philadelphia strip club, "The Pony


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