Bang ‘Em Smurf Scores Tupac Verses

GF Records CEO Bang ‘Em Smurf and protégé

Domination (aka Silverback Guerillas) somehow managed to finagle a pair of verses

from Tupac Shakur from a source they refused to divulge.

Smurf told, "The Tupac thing

– aw man – that Tupac joint man, we stumbled on that. We got that. I can’t even

tell you how I got that. Somebody had that in the cut and they was loving Domination.

He said, ‘Yo, I got something that yall want to f**k with.’

"An old school cat had it in the stash and

it was all because a ni**a was loving Domo. Look out for it. We shooting a video

for that. That will be on the album as well."

While clearing the song may prove difficult,

Smurf said he had a plan that he said would likely make the joint official.

Still, he wouldn’t release that information for

fear of damaging potential business connections.

He did state that he aimed to sign with an independent

label with the goal of signing onto a major later.

He explained, "I know how the major labels

do. They going to let the independent spread that seed and that’s when they

come and holler. I’m going to do it myself. I make my own money."

The Tupac cameo is called "The Best For

My Enemies" and is featured on the DJ Infinite-mixed mixtape Exposing The

False Prophet.

The collection of songs, which has been on the

streets for quite a while, features tracks from Sticky Fingaz, C-Bo & Yukmouth,

Young Dice and others.

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