Kay Slay Launches Street Sweepers Entertainment

Drama King DJ Kay Slay has started his trek to the

budding world of hip-hop moguls with Street Sweepers Entertainment. And to get

things going in force, he’s signed Papoose as his first young gun to jumpstart

his arsenal.

Many remember Papoose from his days with the

Kool G Rap, as he was featured on the legend’s Roots of Evil album and

other songs. But, it was one freestyle in particular that Slay said impressed


"Remember that ‘Alphabetical

Slaughter?’(click to see Papoose) Well, we redid that shit over

and it’s on my album and he added a verse where he is going backwards.

I had to give him a shot," he said.

Slay said that the hungry rapper basically irritated

him into giving him the opportunity of a lifetime.

“The ni**a was coming in front of the [Hot

97] radio station every week giving me CDs [talking about] I’m the hottest

ni**a. You hear that shit a lot. I didn’t know that was the same person

that was f**kin’ with [Kool] G Rap. The day I came out the building, he

just got on my nerves. He was like, ‘I’m the hottest ni**a, you frontin

on me,’” Slay explained. “So I listened because he was starting

to become a menace. I was like ‘Damn, he’s nice [an impressive rapper].’”

Kay Slay said that he allowed Pap to show case

his skills on his Drama Hour show, which airs every Thursday and the calls flooded

in praising his new protégée.

“The phone lines just started exploding

and everybody was like ‘Who the f**k is that?’” he said.

Although, he hasn’t secured a deal with

Street Sweepers Ent, Slay said it would not be with his current recording home

of Sony Columbia.

The Drama King was unhappy with Columbia’s promotion

efforts for his album The Street Sweeper Vol. 2: The Pain From The Game,

which featured guest appearances from Three 6 Mafia, Scarface, Ghostface, Joe

Budden, G-Unit, 50 Cent, Joe, Eminem, Obie Trice, Cam’Ron and others.

“Columbia don’t know how to handle

hip-hop,” he said. “I gave them a class A album with class A artists."

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