50 Cent Performance Turns Into Chaos

A concert in Springfield, Massachusetts featuring 50 Cent Saturday morning spiraled out of control, according to local news reports.After a performance at the Hippodrome, a large disturbance broke out, resulting in the arrest of two patrons.Reports said 50 Cent jumped from the stage and started fighting with two people after someone in the crowd threw water on him as he performed.50’s entourage of 15-20 people also hopped off the stage, shoving people in the crowd.Two other patrons were sent to the hospital with head injuries from broken glass bottles.The fracas took police an hour to control and shortly afterwards, a shooting took place at Taylor and Dwight Streets that authorities say is related.Local reports said that the incident was being investigated and that charges could be filed against 50 Cent.The owner of the club said that 50 Cent would never be invited back.

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