Ras Kass Sues Priority

Lawyers for incarcerated rapper Ras Kass filed a civil complaint against Priority Records

yesterday in Los Angeles County Superior Court citing a recording contract that binds him unreasonably.

Ras Kass is arguing that Priority has unfairly kept him in his contract for

an extended period of time and that Priority Records, Capitol Records and

EMI breached the contract.

The complaint alleges Unfair Competition, Restraint of Trade, Breach of

Contract, Negligent Interference with Business Relationships and other

allegations, saying the damages exceed $5 million dollars.

“I want what is fair; all I want is to create great music, have the proper

team behind me, and be the artist that I am,” Ras Kass said in a statement.

“I am prepared to do what it takes in order to be released from this ugly


In the past, Ras Kass has formally and informally sought release from the

label based on specific provisions in his contract, but Priority Records has refused to release him.

Priority released two critically acclaimed albums by the West Coast wordsmith, Soul on Ice and Rassassination.

His other two projects, Van Gogh and Goldyn Chyld were both shelved, despite both albums being highly anticipated.

“It’s a shame that Ras Kass hasn’t been given the opportunity to present his

talent to the masses,” Dave Weiner, former executive at Priority/Capitol

lamented. “Compared to the talent that is getting support from the major

label systems in place today, none of them can stand up to Ras Kass’


Ras Kass maintains that Priority never properly promoted the last two albums

recorded and has stated several times that he refuses to record for the


At press time, Priority reps didn’t return requests for comment.

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