Jermaine Dupri New Owner Of Vodka Company

Hip-Hop mogul Jermaine Dupri has become the co-owner

of his own liquor brand, 3 Vodka, joining the growing legion of rappers that are

expanding into the lucrative spirits business.

Dupri became interested in the 3 Vodka Distilling

Company after being amazed by its unique taste, as it is the only Vodka that

is distilled from soy.

"I got involve cause I started seeing how

much n*ggas in the club was watching what I used to drink," Dupri explained

to "Then I started working out and stopped drinking and

was introduced to this as a no carbohydrate vodka that I could drink and not

get fat. I was like ‘oh sh*t my people need to know about this,’ so what better

way to be introduced them then through me? I got big plans for this."

Dupri said that he would apply the same business

techniques to 3 Vodka that he used to propel himself and his company, So So

Def to soaring heights in the music business.

"My passion for the brand is similar to

my approach with music: superiority, uniqueness and perfection must all be achieved,"

Dupri said.

Dupri’s said his ownership of the liquor company

was the beginning of his plans to broaden his business activities outside of

the fickle music business.

In addition to the being the only vodka in the

world distilled from soy, the Chicago-based company is the first spirit to boast

zero carbohydrates and is even endorsed by the American Vegetarian Association.

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