50 Cent Not Welcome ‘In Da Club’

Despite being a chart-topping recording artist,

50 Cent’s music isn’t always welcomed “In Da Club.”

Fearing an outbreak of fights ignited by the

rapper’s songs, a Connecticut bar owner has banned 50 Cent from the play

list during hip-hop nights at his establishment.

"Anything too hardcore or an anthem-type

song that pumps the crowd up is not something I really want played," Robert

Peterson, owner of Longshot Sports Bar & Grill, told the New Britain Herald.

Since many of the songs from 50 Cent’s catalogue

rely heavily on chorus and melodies, such as “What Up Gansta” and

“Many Men (Wish Death),” Peterson decided to exclude those selections,

which he felt could incite violence.

Instead, Peterson focuses on playing music that

is more upbeat and positive. "I try to mix it up and really play music

people can dance to, stay busy," he said.

Rather than blame the raucous activity on the

patrons, however, Peterson squarely placed the burden on the music.

"It’s really not about who’s in

the crowd. It’s the music today; most of it is really not about respect,"

he asserted.

Notwithstanding his contempt for the G-Unit

soldier, Peterson admitted he has no reservations about hip-hop specifically.

It’s not the genre he has a problem with more so than the incendiary elements—regardless

of the type of music.

"I know I can listen to hardcore rap or

rock and be fine,” he said. “But I’ve seen some individuals who

can’t handle that kind of stimulation."

Ten days ago, 50 Cent was involved in a melee

at a small club in Springfield, Massachusetts. After being hit in the head by

a water bottle during his performance, the rapper jumped into the crowd after

the antagonist.

A brawl ensued and currently police are still

investigating the incident.

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