Twista’s Tour Bus Dumps 200 Gallons Of Sewage On Street

Officials in Indianapolis, Indiana are considering

filing charges against Twista’s tour bus driver, after some 200 gallons of sewage

flowed out of the rapper’s tour bus.

Twista was in town performing at the Murat Theatre

yesterday (May 16). Indianapolis police and fire officials were called to McCrea

Street where the bus was parked, after someone with the tour emptied the bus’

sewage tank.

The sewage, which police said was mostly liquid,

flowed down the gutter toward the nearby Omni Hotel. The smell was so bad, employee’s

notified the police. Firefighters arrived on the scene and said the liquid

could have been a biohazard.

A firefighter called local health and public safety

officials in order to obtain the best method available to clean up the sewage.

A county health representative decided it was

safe for firefighters to hose the mess off the street, which they did.

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