Foxy Brown Launching Fur Collection

The Hip-Hop masses have clamored about rhymestress

Foxy Brown and her whereabouts.

Now, the Brooklyn rapper will introduce a custom

line of furs and possibly an accessory line called Champaign and Ice.

Partnering with Alexis & Ganni for the collection,

the exotic line will include pieces include mink and chinchilla, with prices

ranging from $2000 to $12,000. A special show room for the collection will open

in Manhattan next month.

Incidentally, the name of the fur line has meaning

to it. Champaign represents the life of a celebrity and elegance, while Ice

signifies the opulent lifestyle sometimes associated with a person who decides

to wear furs.

To promote her latest venture, Foxy will do six

in store appearances across the country to promote the line, which will be sold

to most upscale clothing outlets in the United States.

The rapper also has input as to the designs of

the fur collection, which is scheduled to hit stores this year and via a website,

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