Ice-T Producing David Hasselhoff Rap Album

Hard-core rapper Ice-T is grooming a new rapper,

one that he says will astonish the rap world with his skills – David Hasselhoff.

Ice-T recently revealed that he and Hasselhoff,

star of 80’s action television show “Knight Rider” and the worldwide

hit “Bay Watch” are working on a rap album.

After striking up a friendship in Los Angeles

due to the proximity of their residences, Ice-T agreed to produce Hasselhoff,

who will reemerge as emcee "Hassel The Hoff."

"The man is a legend and we are going to

show a whole new side of him," Ice-T told UK newspaper The Sun.

Hasselhoff, 51, is more than just a television

actor. He is also a mega-star in Austria and Germany. He has released seven

albums and the most recent, My America, went as high as #11 on the Austrian


"The Hoff will surprise people with his

rap skills and humor," Ice-T said.

Hip-Hop has had an unofficial relationship with

David Hasselhoff for numerous years. The theme music to “Knight Rider”

has been sampled by various rappers over the years.

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