Mobb Deep Move Forward To Future

As Mobb Deep prepares to release their highly anticipated seventh album Amerika’z Nightmare, the group already has their eyes set to the future.

"I’m working on my solo album as soon as I get a chance to," group member Havoc told “I’ll experiment a little bit more alone because it’s just me and my little project. You’ll see some things that won’t be on a Mobb Deep album, I’ll do that. I’m going to try to push the envelope a lil something, you know?”

"P [Prodigy] is working on his as well. It’s going to be interesting, too. It’s not going to be what you used to. It’s going to be a little mixture of everything."

Still the group is going to deal with matters at hand so to support the Amerika’z Nightmare release Havoc said the group would embark do extensive touring.

"We’re either gonna create our own tour or hop on whatever is hot at the time. But we definitely gonna be in a town near where ever the fans is at," he said.

Havoc said the current climate in Hip-Hop makes it an ideal time for a brand new Mobb Deep album and that he was satisfied with the current direction of Hip-Hop music.

"Hip-Hop is going in the direction that it is suppose to even though it’s a lot of commercial [music] and all of that. But you gotta take the good with the bad. Hip-Hop is, right now, the most successful it’s ever been. You just gotta get in where you fit in. If your name is underground, you just gotta work that much harder to break through the surface.”

The group has also established Infamous Records, which will put out their upcoming album in a joint venture with Jive Records.

A bonus DVD will accompany Amerika’z Nightmare when the CD hits stores later this year. It features 50 Cent, Nelly and Nate Dogg, while the majority of the album is produced by Havoc with contributions from Kanye West and Red Spyda. Songs that featured Nelly and Lil’ Jon were reportedly cut from the album, but Mobb Deep weren’t available to confirm or deny the speculation at press time.

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