Diddy To Challenge Kerry And Bush On New MTV Show

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is creating a show

for MTV that will air this summer, with people directing questions towards presidential

candidates John Kerry and George W. Bush.

The show, tentatively titled "Project Change,"

differs from MTV shows in the past due to the more aggressive line of questioning

and according to Combs, the questions will come from "real" people

from across the country.

"I’m going to make Kerry and Bush squirm,"

Combs told the New York Post. "The people who usually ask the candidates

questions are screened, and I’m going to use real people off the streets to

get their questions out there."

Combs said his goal with the MTV show was to

generate the highest voter registration for youth and minorities in American


"My vote is only one vote, so I’m going

to make sure a record number of youth and minorities register to vote this year.

I’m asking them to hold their vote hostage until these candidates answer questions

in real terms that people can understand. I want to be disruptive because it

seems Kerry and Bush are already counting their votes, but I’m going to pull

the rug out from under them – they need to work."

Combs said that as part of the campaign, various

actors and rappers would challenge Kerry and Bush to a town hall meeting, answering

tough questions from people who have not been prepared by their cronies.

Kerry’s spokesman said Kerry would debate Bush

"anytime," while Bush’s spokesman said he was looking forward to a

"robust debate" with Kerry.

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