Organized Konfusion Reunion Off

It was projected to be a monumentus return. Prince

Po, Pharoahe Monche, and newly added member O.C. had planned to re-introduce Organized


Buckwild, Large Professor, and DJ Premier were

all rumored to be on the boards. Even was excited enough to make

this album one of the Top 5 for 2004.

But after speaking to Organized Konfusion member

Prince Po over the weekend, all hopes are lost.

"I’m not going to feed into that Organized

s**t anymore," Prince Po told "I feel I have a responsibility

to my true fans to just keep making good music. [As] far as Pharoahe and O.C.,

they’re doing things and I wish them the best. O.C. always had some hidden problem

with me and he has to face those demons that make him so angry at a person who

put him on his first record. I met O.C. through Monch and I only tried to do

positive things for him. I don’t owe him s**t and God knows everything I did

for and with him was an act of loyalty and good faith. But he’s out for self

and I’m good with that."

But despite the disputes concerning added third member O.C., Prince Po seemed

to have a softer regard for his partner of fifteen years. Prince Po added affirmation

to the rumors of Pharoahe signing with Shady Records.

"I really hope all goes well with Pharoahe

and Shady," Po confessed. "I love Pharoahe because I seen him evolve

from a beat boxer to an MC, damn near over night. He’s one of my favorite MC’s.

He has an old soul that’s funky. See, it’s becoming too much of a political

thing to make this Organized thing happen and it takes the fun out of making

the actual music. Many fans await that album and it’s a blessing to have people

demanding your material, but I think it’s a slap in the face of fans when you

complicate the process of making music with all these petty demands, requirements

and excuses."

Prince Po has redirected his energies towards

his solo album, The Slickness on the independent Lex Records. That album

drops this month with appearances from Raekwon, Rell, and MF DOOM.

Production is being handled by Madlib, J-Zone

and Jemini. Next month, Po’s label, Nasty Habits will launch with the release

of an untitled compilation.

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