DMX Hit With Lawsuit Over Dog Clothing

DMX was hit with a lawsuit stemming from his involvement

in the canine clothing company Boomer 129.

Amusing Divisions Inc., the company behind Boomer

129, recently filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court, saying they weren’t

aware of DMX’s 13-counts of animal cruelty charges, to which he pleaded guilty

in 2002.

DMX was ordered to make public service announcements

for the Humane Society of the United States and was obligated to pay production

costs, which were estimated at $20,000 when he was sentenced.

Amusing Divisions claims that DMX instead made

radio spots promoting the clothing line "for dog awareness as part of a

community-service obligation judicially imposed upon him for having been involved

in animal cruelty."

DMX was paid $15,000 up front to be Boomer 129’s

spokesman, which included leather jackets, sports jerseys and other clothing

for dogs.

According to a lawyer for Amusing, the company

had trouble marketing the dog clothing to certain pet stores, due to the animal

cruelty charges.

Amusing is seeking the $15,000 advance as well

as $75,000 which went into the production of the clothing line.

DMX’s animal troubles started in June of 1999,

when police went to his Teaneck, New Jersey home after finding his wife’s purse

near the scene where his business manager/uncle was shot.

When police raided the house, they found a loaded

9mm handgun, hollow-nosed bullets, six used glass cocaine smoking pipes and

13 pit bulls.

Under his plea agreement, DMX forfeited all weapons

and animals and was ordered to pay $15,000 to the Bergen County chapter of the

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The judge granted the Humane Society the rights

to use his image on printed materials.


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