Police In The Philippines Compete For Best Rapper Award

While the police in the United States have taken

up monitoring rappers in various cities across the country, police in the Philippines

will compete for the best rap artist within their ranks.

The National Capital Region Police Office is

coordinating the "Kuya Ko 2 Rap Contest," in an attempt to find the

best emcee in Metro Manila’s police units during today’s celebration of Independence


Police from different units in Manila, a metropolis

of almost 20 million residents, will compete against one another for the "Best

Rap Artist Award" at NCRPO’s headquarters.

Officials for NCRPO said that a policeman that

can rap will bring officers closer together with the communities they serve.

"There are numerous ways of expressing love

of country and patriotism. It does not necessarily have to come in the form

of heroic acts," NCRPO chief Director Ricardo de Leon told Manila’s Today

Newspaper. "Expressing nationalism through the arts is a way of giving

importance to freedom."


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