Congressional Hopeful Cynthia McKinney Unveiling Hip-Hop Platform

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney will deliver

a special webcast on June 15, addressing Hip-Hop culture, issues that affect the

Hip-Hop generation and a five-point Hip-Hop platform.

McKinney, who made history in 1992 when she became

the first African American woman from Georgia to serve in the United States

House of Representatives, is now a candidate for the Fourth District Of Georgia’s

Congressional seat.

As a member of the United States Congress from

1992-2002, McKinney offered a full-fledged Hip-Hop platform.

"Hip-Hop culture is one of the greatest

influences on the thinking and behavior of young people in America and all over

the world," McKinney said. "Everyday I see its impact and potential

for good right here in DeKalb County, Georgia."

McKinney said her webcast would also lay out

the vision and her commitments to the interests and concerns of those who reside

in the Fourth District of Georgia.

According to McKinney’s official website, she

was one of the first members of Congress to demand an investigation into the

September 11, 2001 terror attacks. After asking what the Bush administration

knew about the attacks, McKinney said that she was targeted by Georgia and national

Republicans for ouster.

McKinney said an estimated 40,000 Republicans

voted in the Democratic Primary to unseat her. Her supporters have filed a lawsuit

against the tactic, which is known as "crossover" voting.

"Soon, it will be a Hip-Hop world,"

McKinney said. "I care what kind of world the Hip Hop Generation inherits.

I know they do, too. I want to work with them to make sure that world is a peaceful

one that values justice."

McKinney’s father, also a former Georgia State

Representative, was one of the first black law enforcement officers in Atlanta.

The webcast is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th,

2004 at 2 p.m. EST on McKinney’s official website,

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