Lil Kim Can’t Leave The Country, Associate Pleads Guilty

Yesterday, Lil Kim was denied permission to travel

to perform in the Caribbean resort of St. Kitts by a federal judge.

Judge Gerard E. Lynch, who ruled in favor of

rapper Eminem in his copyright dispute against The Source, said in his decision

that Lil Kim’s handlers were irresponsible for booking the St. Kitts appearance.

Lynch noted that the performance was booked just

weeks after she was indicted for perjury charges, due to statements she made

to a grand jury relating to a 2001 daylight shutout in front of Hot 97’s New

York offices.

The decision will cost Lil Kim $35,000 in performance

fees and she is now liable for monetary damages for failing to perform, should

promoters attempt to sue her.

According to the law, indicted defendants on

bail are usually denied permission to travel outside of the United States. Her

lawyers argued that the government of St. Kitts would allow her to enter the

country without her passport, ensuring that she would return to the United States.

"Tell that to Roman Polanski," Judge

Lynch said, in reference to the famous movie director who jumped bail and fled

to France to avoid rape charges in 1978. "Just because you’re a celebrity

doesn’t mean you don’t jump bail and leave the country."

Authorities claim that Kim’s entourage had a

rivalry with rapper Capone and that the entire incident was linked to a larger

feud between Kim and Foxy Brown.

Brown was not present at the shooting and has

long denied any involvement.

Also yesterday, a man connected with the shooting

incident pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges.

Suif Jackson, 34, is in prison on other charges

and is facing up to 40 years in prison over the shooting, which left a man wounded

in his upper back.

Kim’s lawyers argue that his plea will not affect

her case, because the two weren’t as close as officials claim. Prosecutors claimed

that all three were members of Junior M.A.F.I.A and pointed to album notes,

in which she thanked Jackson.

Lil Kim has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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