Group Connected To Bush Family Purchases Movie Chain

The Carlyle Group, one company that is the subject

of intense scrutiny in Michael Moore’s anti-Bush documentary "Fahrenheit

9/11" is one of three investment firms that now own movie theater chain

Loews Cineplex Entertainment.

Carlyle, which was founded in 1987, manages almost

$17 billion dollars worth of investments. Past directors include George Bush,

James Baker and Colin Powell, who’s son currently chairs the Federal Communications

Committee (FCC).

Osama bin Laden’s brother Shafig was also an

investor in the group, which is also one of the world’s largest private defense


Coincidentally, their investment in the movie

business comes as Loews was one of the theater chains that resisted pressure

to not show Moore’s controversial award winning documentary.

More recently rappers like Paris have taken a

stance against the Bush’s and attempted to shine a spotlight on the activities

of The Carlyle Group.

"And with the 4th Amendment gone eyes are

on the 1st / That’s why I’m spittin’ cyanide each and every verse/I see the

Carlyle group and Harris Bank Accounts/ I see ’em plead the 5th each and every

session now" Paris rapped on his critically acclaimed album Sonic Jihad.

The Carlyle Group was one of three investors

in the $1.4 billion transaction. The buyout was led by Bain Capital, an investment

firm that was started in 1984 by Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The third

investing company is Boston, Massachusetts based Spectrum Equity.

"Fahrenheit 9-11" details the Bush

families long standing relationship with Saudi Arabian royalty and the role

that relationship may have played in the 9-11 terror attacks in New York and

Washington, D.C.

Loews has 200 chains nationwide and a total of

2,200 screens.

The purchase adds to Carlyle’s diverse set of

investments and includes holdings in the medical technology field, the wireless

and telecom industries and others.

In April, along with Citigroup, Carlyle acquired

Seoul, South Korea’s KorAm Bank for a cool $2.6 billion dollars.

"Fahrenheit 9-11" is officially the

higest grossing documentary of all-time, in just one weekend at the box office.

Former president George H. W. Bush called Moore

a "slime ball" and claimed the documentary was "a vicious personal

attack on our son."

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