Sucka Free Offering Downloads, Still Locked In Sony Dispute

Despite a major falling

out with marquee artist Lil Flip and major label backer Sony, Sucka Free Records

hopes to keep pace by offering downloads from their website,

According to CEO

Duane “Hump” Hobbs, a growing number of songs from Sucka Free’s

back catalog are are available for download for 99 cents.

“I am doing

this to show we are cutting edge,” Hump told All of Flip’s

early material and late material, early HSC material or any of our underground

(mixtapes). Flip has about twenty underground that people have been trying to

get since ‘Game Over.’”

It was apparent

that Hobbs was open to repairing his relationship with Lil Flip, after, according

to Hobbs, the rapper took a label deal and jumped directly to Sony, Sucka Free’s


“Me and Flip,

we still haven’t talked going on about 10 months. Sony has admitted to

taking Flip behind my back. The lawsuit against Sony in being litigated. Sony

wasn’t respecting the lawyer I had from Houston, so I had to get help out of

New York.”

Hobbs said that

the label offered to settle over the dispute, but the amount was so low, he

refused to accept it.

“They tried

to offer me $100,000. I’ll make $100,000 in my sleep. They give me a label

deal, then give my artist a label deal, which is crazy.”

Additionally, Hobbs

said the label has stopped sending royalties to his company, in what he described

as an attempt to squeeze him into a financial corner.

“They are

trying to stop all our money coming in until we sign over Flip,” Hobbs

claimed. “We worked hard for almost ten years, putting him where he wants

to be. To let these people take my artist from me and take money from my entire

family’s mouth wouldn’t be right.”

Sucka Free’s

President, Terry Hobbs philosophized that their woes were indicative of a larger

trend for minority owned independent record labels.

“A lot of

injustice is done to African-American’s in the music business,”

Ms. Hobbs said. “Their [Sony] just using Flip and then they will hang

him out to dry. Someone has to make examples of them. They hung Jermaine Dupri

out to dry with Bow Wow, they did it to Michael Jackson and Xzibit.”

Hobbs said that

he understands the southern market and that without the aid of regional independent

labels, the majors would spend more money trying to market their releases and

make less money.

As a result of

the experience, Hobbs said he has a deal with Dynasty Records/Universal to distribute

a new label, Sucka Free West and was planning on opening Sucka Free Mid-West.

“We run the

streets out here,” Hobbs said adding “as I can distribute everyone’s

music, Sucka Free will make money. They can hold them checks til they think

I’ma bite the bag. I still got money to get it straight. I’m still going

to war through court and I will be there until I win.”

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