I-20 Explains ‘Self Explanatory’

After being featured

on six songs from Ludacris’ two albums and Disturbing Tha Peace’s

Golden Grain album, rapper I-20 is preparing to drop his solo album, Self


According to the

rapper, his album will be a memorable release in the annals of Atlanta’s

Hip-Hop history books.


an explanation of me,” I-20 says of his album. “I speak through

my music. I’m coming from leftfield and I’ve got a good, wide range

of music. I’m going to put the exclamation point on Southern Hip-Hop music.

No one is doing what I’m doing musically, lyrically. Outkast and Scarface

came before me, but I’m bringing a defining moment in Southern Hip-Hop

history with my album.”

And while he appeared

on Luda’s songs, which are usually more carefree, I-20 says fans should

expect his solo debut to be more serious than his mentor’s.

“I represent

the ‘Disturbed’ in ‘Disturbing Tha Peace.’ I represent

a different side, the bleak reality of what’s going right and what’s

going wrong in America. Regardless, I’m going to give it to you honest.”

And like a select

few rappers that are starting to state their political views, I-20 states his

opinion on the United States in the song “I Pray for America.” On

the song, I-20 explains how he feels America will pay for the alleged injustices

committed across the planet.

“I wrote

it because I see life for what it is,” I-20 continued. “Now don’t

get it twisted. I love America, but we’re a hustle country. I wanted to

let people know that I’m aware of what we’re doing. We’re

a bully. America realizes it’s the only superpower left.”

The album features production by Kanye West, Salaam Remi, Jook and Shondrae

as well as guest appearances by Chingy, Three 6 Mafia, Juvenile, Shawnna, Ludacris

and others. Self Explanatory hits stores September 21.

The full track

listing is below:

1. Eyes Open (Intro)

2. Meet the Dealer feat. Ludacris

3. Fightin In The Club feat. Lil Fate, Tity Boi, and Chingy

4. The Realest

5. Backstage

6. Break Bread

7. May Sound Crazy

8. Hennessy and Hydro feat. Three 6 Mafia

9. Point Them Out feat. Juvenile

10. So Decatur

11. O.G. Anthem

12. Slow Fucking feat. Shawnna

13. Kisha

14. Hey Shawty feat. Devin The Dude

15. The Realest remix feat. D-Block

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