Outlawz Not Signing With Cash Money

The Outlawz have announced

that their highly anticipated signing to Cash Money Records is not going to happen.

A spokesman said

the initial deal was never finalized and they are now exploring other options.

“The Outlawz

were waiting two months for their advance and Cash Money never signed the contract,”

the group’s official website reads. “The Outlawz had to move on

because they have a few other things on the table and they don’t want

to sit around and wait, because that’s not normal business practices.”

In June, fans got

wind of the initial deal, but group member E.D.I. warned even then that the

two parties were still in negotiations and things were not final.


this thing has leaked too early. The deal isn’t done yet,” E.D.I.

told AllHipHop.com on June 8. “Just off a little bit of talk, they are

starting to talk about it on the radio. It’s all over the place,”

he said.

“To the fans

we know it’s disappointing, but that’s the life of an Outlaw,” the website

stated. “Hopefully a new deal will be finalized sooner then later.”

In related news,

former Outlaw member Napoleon recently shot a video for the Tupac tribute song

"Never Forget," which also features Val Young (lead vocals on Pac’s

“To Live & Die In L.A.”).

The video features

appearances by Big Syke, Mopreme, Muszamil, Hassachi Ryda, Macadoshis and others

and hits outlets in mid-September.

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