Simmons’ Sneaks Outselling Competition

Russell and Kimora Simmons

announced that their respective sneaker lines were out-selling major competitors

in stores across the country.

The Simmons’ “Diva”

sneaker and the Phat Farm Classic shoe moved over 36,000 pairs through 900 Finish

Line stores, selling more than Nike, Reebok and Adidas in a single week.

“Nike is $10 billion

dollar company,” Russell Simmons told “I remember

10 years ago when I first started in this business, all anyone bought was Tommy

and Polo. Now we are competing with them and they still don’t see us coming.”

The “Baby Phat”

sneaker debuted this summer and helped to establish Phat Farm as one of the

leading urban clothing company world-wide.

“We are very excited

about this news and feel strongly that our product will continue to appeal to

everyone looking for a little fashion in their everyday life,” Kimora

Lee Simmons, CEO and creative director of Baby Phat.

Russell Simmons established

Phat Farm in 1992 and since then, the venture has evolved into a global lifestyle

company. In January, Kellwood bought Phat Fashions and made it a subsidiary,

while Simmons received $140 million dollars.

He said that the company’s

revenue would double this year, from $80 million to $160 million. Russell attributed

the shoe’s success to the quality of his sneakers, which he says are better

than most in the industry.

“No one can deny that

the ‘Diva’ sneaker and my ‘Phat Classic’ are better

quality and technology than Nike’s Air Force 1’s," he continued.

"Those shoes have cheap old technology. Jay-Z and other rappers are doing

these sneaker companies a favor by putting themselves with these sneakers. The

real truth is we don’t need them [the sneaker companies].”

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