Little Brother Goes Major With Atlantic

North Carolina Hip-Hop

group Little Brother has officially inked a long term exclusive recording contract

with Atlantic Records, via a production deal with ABB Records.

Little Brother,

which consists of group members Phonte, Big Pooh and 9th Wonder, signed with

ABB in 2002. In 2003 the label dropped their critically acclaimed full length

debut, The Listening.

"Little Brother

is the latest ABB artist to step up to the plate in terms of major label interest,"

ABB Records President Beni B said. "It’s good to know that their musical

vision, together with ABB’s efforts, created a solid first impression. ABB looks

forward to working with the great Atlantic team to help Little Brother further

develop their incredible talent, grow their musical visions, and impact people’s

lives with their music."

Atlantic is building

a formidable Hip-Hop roster under the watchful eye of Co-Chairman/COO Craig

Kallman, who has overseen the signings of Chicago’s Bumpy Johnson, Juvenile

and more recently, DJ Quik.

Kallman called

Little Brother “one of the most creative and refreshing groups on the

underground urban music scene.”

“With two

gifted MCs and a genius producer, they tell down-to-earth, authentic stories

laid over brilliant soundscapes,” Kallman said. “With their roots

in the music of classic Native Tongues artists, Little Brother is taking hip-hop

music into the future with an inspired musical vision and a truly organic chemistry.

ABB has proved to be a terrific incubator of new talent, and I am thrilled that

we were able to join forces with them to bring Little Brother into the Atlantic


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