Sam Scarfo Wins $11k At Fight Klub

The stakes for a rap battle are getting higher and higher.

With $11,000 on the table Sam Scarfo of Gorilla Pimp/IBCent defeated 40

Cal of Skeme Team/Dip Set at Fight Klub in New York last week. The place, an undisclosed spot in Manhattan, was full of celebrities like video director Lil X, Craig Mack, Bill Blass, DJ Ron G and others.

Previous, big purse battles included Remy Martin winning $20,000 over Lady Luck.

So, Sam Scarfo decided to give his account of what happened that evening at the bi-weekly Fight Klub.

Scarfo said, “I started at the Fight Klub a month ago crushin’ everybody and this f****t ni**a down with Dip Set named 40 cal was watching the tapes of me crushin’ n**as so he decides to tailor some rhymes for me.”

“So he calls Benny [Boom] two days before [the first battle at] Fight Klub and challenges me for 3 grand. Bottom line I crushed him three straight rounds and they “gave” it him. And I ended up paying him. Outta respect for who I’m signed to [Benny Boom] I didn’t wild out and flip that whole spot over. How I know I got jerked is because mad n***as in the crowd said I won and all that week total f***in’ strangers are coming to me telling me I got jerked.”

“Then the judges was Corey Gunz who come to find out is cool with them n***as, Remy Martin and we all know who shes f***in with,’ and some non descript n***a who they got to replace the Heatmakers. And an A&R from G-unit. I lost 3 to 1. Only the A&R from G-Unit voted for me.”

“Then one of them n****s that runs the Fight Klub calls Benny and tells him he reviewed the tape and feels we got jerked and he got 37 emails saying we got robbed. Then he goes on talking about how 40 Cal’s the house MC and he goes on the road with them and they gonna let him lose.”

“So Benny calls and tells them double up and let’s get some new judges. We doubled up I crushed his ass again and walked outta there with $11,000. We wanted to bet more but they ain’t have enough paper. And I won unanimously. It was real n****s on the panel, Not my homies. Here on, I ain’t battling 40 Cal for under $25,000.”

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