50 Cent Claims To Tape Sex Acts

50 Cent has reportedly

taken dramatic measures to ensure that he doesn’t have to endure a public

trial like basketball star Kobe Bryant.

According to Elite

TV, the rapper claims to film all of sexual exploits that occur within his lavish

mansion by utilizing a plethora of spy-like angles.

“No matter

what you do, it’s on camera. All angles, you are on tape. I got it set up. There

are spy cameras all over the room,” he said to Elite.

The self-proclaimed

pimp said that there will be little-to-no chance that a false rape allegation

would ever come out of a tryst with a groupie.

“They cannot

say I took it. It proves they gave it to me – they willingly gave it,”

he continued.

And, he said, should

somebody be bold enough to attempt to levy charges anyway, he would make that

individual famous in a way they might not appreciate.

He finished with,

“I’d put [the video footage] on the internet unless they dropped the charges.”

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