Method & Red Put On ‘Long Hiatus’

According to Method

Man, “Method & Red,” the comedy sitcom the duo produced for Fox

may be canceled.

"The show

is done. It’s on the long hiatus," Method Man told The New York Post yesterday.

"They’re like: ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you.’"

Method Man said

the show wasn’t actually finished, but was being put on a “long


The show, which

opened to high ratings and amassed a loyal younger viewing audience, stopped

taping last month, while Method Man, Redman and company attempted to gain more

creative control over the sitcom.


they are on a different page than the network,” an executive who wished

to remain anonymous told in August. “This isn’t Meth and

Red’s brand, this is some other stuff. They want more creative input over the

direction the show is taking.”

A spokesman for

the group told The Post that the show was not officially canceled and that they

were gauging how well three new episodes are performing.


determine the future of the show,” the spokesman said.

"The way they

formatted the show and what they wanted to do with it — I give Fox credit

for trying to please us as well as their audience but it just didn’t work out

right," Method Man continued. “I think it’s for the better that we

take this long hiatus so everybody can re-evaluate what they want to do."

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