Beanie Sigel Makes Court Appearance, Talks Upcoming Trial

Beanie Sigel made

a Municipal Court appearance yesterday, a routine procedure to make sure the rapper’s

upcoming simple assault case is ready for trial.

Sigel, dressed

in jeans and a polo shirt, attended the status hearing with his defense attorney,

Fortunato Perri Jr. His next hearing for this particular trial is November 3.

The latest court

appearance stems from an altercation with a man in January of 2003. According

to prosecutors, Sigel punched a man in the eye after the man made a rude remark

to a woman accompanying Sigel.

Sigel will also

be sentenced on October 8 for federal gun and drug possession charges. Additionally,

Sigel is slated to be retried in Pennsylvania state court for attempted murder

charges for allegedly shooting a man outside of a Philadelphia bar.

A trial in April

ended in a hung jury. In a recent interview, Sigel was doubtful of his chances

at getting a fair retrial.

“They were

giving me nothing but negative press like they don’t like rappers and

entertainers, period,” Sigel told “They feel the

system is lenient with entertainers and already had their minds made up. That

is how I feel.”

Sigel said if jurors

pay attention to the facts in the case and not his status as a rapper, he shouldn’t

be convicted.

“You got

two witnesses, one victim and both of their stories are conflicting and both

are saying the other is lying. The victim saying he got shot some where else

and the witness saying ‘he’s lying, he got shot right here.’”

Sigel revealed

that he was recording two albums at once and making preparations for the future,

in case he has to serve time behind bars.


never going to have a fair trial because people are already making up their

minds about you,” Sigel said. “A rapper period already has a dark

cloud over them.”

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