Rosa Parks Cannot Testify Against Outkast, Doctors Say

Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks suffers from dementia and should not answer questions

relating to her lawsuit against Hip-Hop stars Outkast, her doctor’s revealed.

Parks, 91, took

the rap group to court over their 1998 hit song “Rosa Parks,” featured

on their multi-platinum release, Aquemini.

According to her

lawyers, her health is failing and she will not be able to take the stand and

testify in the case. The civil-rights legend hired powerful lawyer Johnny Cochran

to represent her in the case, as well as several other attorneys.

Parks claims Outkast’s

song violated her trademark rights and accuses the group and their record label,

BMG of exploiting her name. She also claimed that a gospel album she released

was impaired by the song and that confused fans purchased the Outkast album,

expecting a gospel themed record.

The group claims

“Rosa Parks” is protected by the First Amendment.

Parks handlers

agreed to release the documents in August, to prove that she was not able to

take the stand. She has not been seen in public since 2001, when she was forced

to cancel a meeting with President Bush.

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