Afrika Bambaataa Prepares New LP, Founds Hip-Hop Preservation Group

Pioneering Hip-Hop

artist Afrika Bambaataa is preparing to release Dark Matter Moving at the

Speed of Light, in collaboration with original Tommy Boy Records founder,

Tom Silverman.

The album sticks

to Bambaataa’s long term mission of promoting peace through his work.

Silverman, who

signed Bambaataa in 1982, said that he still believes in the genre defying music

Bambaataa creates.

"His music

has helped build cross-cultural awareness and understanding by exposing different

groups of people to music they might not otherwise be exposed to," Silverman


In addition to

uniting gangs in New York through the Universal Zulu Nation, Bambaataa, who

derived his name from a 19th century Zulu chief, helped establish chapters worldwide

with members of all colors and nationalities and hit big with 1982’s “Planet


More recently,

the Bronx bred pioneer established the Universal Federation for the Preservation

of Hip Hop Culture.

"Twenty years

later, I still believe in Bambaataa,” Silverman said. “He is more

than the spiritual heart of Hip Hop — he embraces rhythmic music and celebrates

its diversity as the core of his message. Paul Daley, Gary Numan, Sharaz, Uberzone,

Fort Knox Five, Ronald "Dukeyman" Hall, DJ Hektek, Simply Jeff, Steven

"Boogie" Brown are just some the contributors to his new album. On

this album, Afrika Bambaataa pledges allegiance to the Funk and brings back

that sound that has been missing for too long."

Emcees TC Izlam,

King Kamonzi, B-Boy Alien Ness, MC Chatterbox, Mustafa Akbar and Aghi Spirits

are all featured as well.

Dark Matter

Moving at the Speed of Light hits stores on double vinyl on September 28th,

while the CD lands in stores on October 24th.

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