Ed Lover Launches Label, Talks Hip-Hop & Radio

Ed Lover is widely

known as a Hip-Hop comedic personality and New York radio host, but he is delving

deeper into the music aspect of the rap game.

With his new label,

Full Blast, the former host of “YO! MTV Raps” said that he is only

concerned with authentic Hip-Hop and even found a flagship artist to represent

his movement.


working with a young lady from Atlanta by the name of Echo so look out for her

real soon,” he told AllHipHop.com. “I’m signing real Hip-Hop.

If somebody goes commercial, they go commercial, but if you’re not bringing

that real Hip-Hop I don’t want anything to deal with it.

“Enough with

the beef, enough with the bull crap gangsta posturing because they’re

all a bunch of punks,” he continued. "Forget all the yelling on records,

go in the street. Meet them on 52 and 5th and fight.”

Ed, who works the

morning show on Power 105.1 in New York, said that he was relatively disgusted

with the overall state of modern Hip-Hop music.

“The bad

thing about Hip-Hop is the vicious Catch 22. What me and [Dr.] Dre did with

“Yo! MTV Raps” [the culture went] from watching your local video

show to going worldwide. It then became feasible and people started making money,”

he continued. “The more money it made, the more watered down it became.

A&R’s hardly know what they’re doing.”

With the eventual

return of the Star & Bucwild, Ed Lover said that he welcomed the controversial

shock jocks to Power 105, a subsidiary of Clear Channel.

Happily, he said,

“I think it’s a good thing if [Star] comes back I’m bouncing

to the 2-6 [time slot], so that opens me up to a new audience. We always have

a respect for each other despite the verbal bantering we had going on. I still

have the No. 1 urban morning show..”

Finally, Ed said

that he had a new alcohol called Intrigue coming out in the near future, following

other Hip-Hoppers like Dame Dash, Cam’ron and Lil’ Flip.

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