Russell Simmons Pulls Out Of Source Event, Mag Owners Comment

The Source and Russell

Simmons continue to feud. The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network recently pulled out

of an event scheduled to take place over the weekend before The Source Awards.

Simmons and The

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) pulled out of speaking duties at Saturday’s

(October 9th) "Join the SIPHA: Hip-Hop Voter Education Rally."

"Russell Simmons

has been exploiting Hip-Hop for years,” The Source’s Dave Mays and

Ray Benzino said in a statement. “We invited, and expected him to participate

in the largest annual Hip-Hop weekend of the year, and he bailed from the event

because he is afraid of the authenticity and influence of The Source Magazine,

and our weekend.


is further from Hip-Hop, the community and struggle it represents than he has

ever been. Russell is a serious threat to the advancement of the black community,

and Hip-Hop culture because he exploits the perception in corporate America

that he represents the views of the Hip-Hop community when he does not."

Mays and Benzino

said Simmons’ call for unity with Eminem after the magazine produced a

tape of the rapper using racial slurs against black women, downplayed the seriousness

of the issue.

"The true

cause of disunity in Hip-Hop is the lack of open dialogue regarding the state

of the Hip-Hop music industry, and the role of corporate interests in the destruction

of black owned companies and black artists. We invite Russell, Jimmy Iovine,

Eminem and Paul

Rosenberg to a debate to discuss the future of Hip-Hop and those things that

divide us. The Hip-Hop Summit, and Russell Simmons may represent the Hamptons

and his rich friends, but they don’t represent the Hip-Hop Community.”

Thousands are expected

to attend the rally, which takes place at the Miami Arena on October 9th. Minister

Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Ja Rule, Ludacris, Fat Joe and other are expected

to speak.

Simmons reply to

The Source’s comments and allegations were simple: “God bless them,”

the mogul told

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