New Clothing Company Brings Hip-Hop To Tennis

After hearing the

complaints of several members of the Hip-Hop community, who professed their

love of tennis but desired more appealing gear, entrepreneur Marvin Coleman

has designed and developed 40 Luv Clothing, a line Coleman says is the first

geared toward the urban market.

Coleman recognized that the image of tennis has been departing from the traditional

white skirts and tops that helped defined the sport in the past.

Having worked in

the fashion and entertainment industries for over 10 years, Coleman believes

the Hip-Hop generation often influences the latest styles.

40 Luv Clothing—referring

to the term for a perfect, winning tennis score— attempts to blend sports

and fashion, catering to the urban fans who dislike conventional tennis uniforms.

The new line made

its official debut during the same U.S. Open with an advertorial on USA Networks.


at the U.S. Open to acclaim from top tennis insiders was more than I could have

asked for,” Coleman, President and C.E.O of 40 Luv Clothing said. “Requests

poured in after the USA Networks profile, many from top urban Fashionistas.”

The company hopes

to eventually compete with the likes of established urban brands like Baby Phat,

Enyce, Sean John and Roc-a-Wear—clothing lines that also contribute to

the over $2 billion in urban fashion sales per year.

40 Luv Clothing

will be available online in winter 2004 and will make its official launch in

spring 2005 in select retail outlets.

The clothing line also plans

to conduct tennis clinics in areas that many tennis programs do not serve.

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