R. Kelly Doesn’t Perform At NY Concert, Jay-Z Airs It Out

Friday, the private

problems between Jay-Z and R.Kelly bubbled over publicly as Kelly abruptly left

the highly touted hometown Best of Both Worlds tour date at Madison Square Garden

in New York City.

According to Kelly’s

publicist, Kelly and two bodyguards was pepper sprayed by members of Jay-Z’s

entourage, forcing him to go to the hospital.

Several songs into his performance,

Kelly claimed members of the audience were flashing guns, prompting him to storm

off of the stage.

Kelly’s publicist

said he doubted Jay-Z had anything to do with the incidents, while Jay-Z vowed

to give fans in New York the concerts they paid for, without Kelly. Two more

shows are scheduled for tonight (October 30th) and Monday (November 1st).

In a recent interview, Jay-Z

expressed his frustration, even though he downplayed the supposed tension between

the pair.

“He had problems with

his lights, his sounds or whatever,” Jay-Z told AllHipHop.com. “Me,

I just need a mic and a bunch of people that I connect with and I’m cool.

My frustration is I don’t ever want to miss a show. I don’t want

a kid in Connecticut holding a ticket for 29 days and on the 30th day, we can’t

go there because of lights. I’m not a person that cares about lights.

F**k the lights. Lets get busy.”

However, after Kelly ditched

the performance at Madison Square Garden, Jay-Z’s communicated his resentment

in an exclusive interview with Angie Martinez of Hot 97 right after performing

the Oct. 29 show by himself. (Click here to listen to an excerpt)

“This is just disrespectful,

[leaving the New York date]. Everybody better grab their Best of Both Worlds

albums, because that’s it. It’s too much. Certain things aren’t

meant to be. It looks good on paper,” Hov said to Martinez. “I went

way outta my way. The first night [in Chicago] was terrible. I’m waiting

in my white suit for two hours. The guy don’t come downstairs…you

don’t do that. I’m like, ‘I don’t work for you, B. I

gave him that leeway, because that’s his town.”

“I did my best, I

put [my show] together in 5 minutes,” he said of the Kelly-less New York


Mary J. Blige was present

and Jay suggested that perhaps a duet album with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul would

be a more fruitful effort.

“I would just love

to do the Best of Both Worlds, me and Mary. I’ma put it out there,”

he said.

According to those present

in the studio, R. Kelly attempted to call in the station, but Jay-Z refused

to take his call.

Jigga also shot the notion

of people flashing guns down.

“They are tough in

the Garden. It’s tough. You cannot get a gun in Madison Square Garden.

Are you crazy?” he asked.

Jay-Z said, “Tell

him to look me in my face at talk to me. Tell him he can’t touch that

stage. If they want to see a show without him, they are welcome to see a show.

I’m just here for New York now. I don’t know about the rest of the

tour. Tell homey come see me, I’ma be at Club 40/40.”

The incident leaves the

rest of the already unstable tour up in the air. There are 14 remaining dates

on the tour.

“If I get love, he

can’t take that,” he said. “I’m not here to outshine


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