Yukmouth And Game Speak, Say Beef Is Still On

For those not in tune

with their Hip-Hop beef, Aftermath/G-Unit rapper The Game and Bay-area rapper

Yukmouth of Regime have been volleying back and forth with insults, even though

peace seemed on the horizon.

A song that featured

both rappers on the same track was apparently recorded separately, where Game

decided to dis his counterpart on the track.

But, Yuk revealed

that the beef was actually on again despite the white flags seemingly being



squashed, its squashed. It’s bigger than me and The Game,” Yuk said

initially, but shortly denounced his own words.

“I have to

let it be known. I laid my verse on some peace s**t and I guess he’s got

problems and emotions and he’s still hurt because of the video,”

Yuk told AllHipHop.com. “I thought we were going to let it go.”

The straight-to-internet

video in question is a scathing song written to the beat of Fabolous’

hit “Breathe.”

In the song, Yuk

and his Regime clique cohorts attack a Game look-a-like, who is on a computer.

“I didn’t do the video as publicity, I did it as defense,”

Yuk said.

Game said that

he had been a fan of Yukmouth growing up, but that changed with each insulted

traded back and forth.


from Cali my n**ga and I f*cked with Yuk when I was growing up,” Game

told AllHipHop.com. “I’ve only been rapping for three years so I

was a fan first. I couldn’t believe that n**ga tried to put out a little

video on me, and had a little fake me (laughing). That s**t was funny though,

I laughed at it. I laughed at it but my n**gas wasn’t laughing at it.”

“I don’t

even know how the beef happened,” Yuk revealed. “I know one day

I met the n***a and four months later, outta nowhere, the beef started. I was

telling everybody that ‘I’m cool with The Game.’ I gave my

n***as the red like, don’t even f**k with him. Right now, it’s all

out war, I guess. I meet him and its peace and then four months later its beef,

it don’t make no sense.”

Game, who has reportedly

landed a future issue of Vibe before even releasing his Dr. Dre-produced debut

album, said that he would entertain challenges from any rapper, not just Yukmouth.

“I love the

nature of the s**t,” Game said. “I’m from the West and I’m

beefin’ with East Coast n**gas for the most part, until Yukmouth (referring

to the recent feud with Joe Budden). Not on no East or West s**t, but it just

ya know, happen to be East Coast n***as and a West n**ga to be holding his own.

I got signed to [Dr.] Dre four months after I started rapping.”

Yukmouth said that

the verbal feud between the two West coast emcees will continue and that his

next response will come on his upcoming album, Million Dollar Mouthpiece.

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