Doug E. Fresh To Give Keynote Speech At ‘Planet Hip-Hop’

The New Jersey Performing

Arts Center (NJPAC) will host Planet Hip-Hop 2, an international festival gathering

Hip-Hop artists, speakers and members of the Newark community in nine events,

including theater, music and spoken word.

Planet Hip-Hop

2, which takes place tonight (November 11) through November 14, highlights artists

who are involved in their communities through artistic, cultural and political


"We want to

reflect how artists react to the issues and conditions of contemporary society,"

said Curator/Producer of NJPAC Alternate Routes Baraka Sele.

According to Sele,

who will host a panel discussion called “Doing Business as Usual?”

assembling leaders in the Hip-Hop entrepreneurial field, the event gives artists

and speakers a chance to interact with people from Newark and other parts of

the world.

Hip-Hop pioneer

Doug E. Fresh will issue the Keynote Speech for the event, which starts off

with an MC Battle hosted by Newark’s Black 45.

The Sacred Circle

Caf will also present spoken word, poetry, Hip-Hop theater and solo performances

by artists Flo Brown, Narubi Selah and Taalam Acey among others.

The Sacred Circle

Caf has played a hand in introducing Hip-Hop artists like Mos Def and the Fo

Deuk Revue.

Scratch DJ Academy

and Beatboxer Entertainment will also introduce beatbox and turntable artists,

with host DJ Hard Hittin’ Harry, formerly of The Fugees.


the official television partner for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the

nation’s sixth largest performing arts center.

Tickets for all

events are available via telephone, at the NJPAC Box Office in downtown Newark

or by visiting the NJPAC website at

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