Former Member Of Da Youngstas Launches Company


Qu’ran Goodman, formerly of Philadelphia rap trio Da Youngstas is preparing

to launch his solo career and developing his new production company, Face Off

Entertainment under Sony Urban Records.

Goodman’s last

name should ring bells for Hip-Hop historians. His

parents are Lawrence and Ann Goodman, owners of the first Hip-Hop label in Philadelphia,

the legendary Pop Art label.

Goodman hopes to

establish the kind of label that made stars out of the likes of Will Smith,

Salt-N-Pepa, Marley Marl and others.

Face Off’s first

artist is Jack Frost, who will release his major label debut Cold World in 2005.

Goodman produced 90 percent of the album.

Frost has a large

following in the Philadelphia and has enjoyed airplay on both of the city’s

commercial radio stations.

Goodman called

himself a multi-tasker and likened his skills to prominent Hip-Hop entrepreneurs

who have expanded their horizons beyond producing.

“I am a perfectionist

so I try to make sure every beat I do is crazy, Goodman told

“I am not a follower, but if I would compare the situation I want to establish,

it would be to Dr. Dre’s, because I’m an artist as well as a producer,”

Goodman told

And while that

situation would a dream for any producer, Goodman feels he’s ready, having learned

lessons from some of the most legendary figures in Hip-Hop history, at a young


“It gave

me a passion for the music at a younger age than most,” Goodman told

“I remember Roxanne Shante being in my house when I was like 5 or 6. I

was around history & Pop Art doesn’t get the credit it deserves. This is

the label that started Will Smith, Salt & Pepa, Roxanne Shante, Marley Marl,

Steady B, Cool C, 3XDope, & Da Youngstas.”

Goodman, 24, said

watching such authentic and quality Hip-Hop artists work is what motivated him

to get involved in production.

“I watched

them,” Goodman said. “Being in that [environment] is how I started

making beats when I was 11.”

In addition to

producing “Slow Dough” from 50 Cent’s Power of the Dollar

album, Goodman worked with Roc-A-Fella artist Peedi Crak and produced a song

on Nas’ upcoming album Street’s Disciple.

“I want to

bring that quality back to beats,” Goodman said. I have my own sound and

I want to make it hard for these corny producers to sell a beat. You’re

going to have to come with your best s**t.”

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