Doug E. Fresh And Others Talk Hip-Hop Roots

Doug E. Fresh and

a host of other pioneers, educators and journalists will explore the development

of Hip-Hop at a symposium tonight (November 18th) titled hiphoproots: origins

and impact.

The rapper will

be joined by other respected pioneers, journalists and educators to discuss

Hip-Hop from its origins in the South Bronx, to it’s explosion across

the world.

Pioneering rapper

Pebblee Poo, Electric Boogaloo/Rock Steady Crew member Mr. Wiggles, journalist

Raquel Cepeda, Dr. Marcyliena Morgan, director of the Hip-Hop Archive at Harvard

University and Toni Blackman, Hip-Hop Ambassador to Senegal, Ghana and South

Africa and Lela Sewell-Williams, founder of the Hip-Hop Archive Project at the

Schomburg Center will all participate.

Following the symposium,

an exhibition focusing on the historical value of Hip-Hop will commence, showcasing

rare Hip-Hop artifacts such as clothing, turntables, trophies, flyers and books

from the collection of Cold Crush Brother Easy A.D. Harris and photographer

Joe Conzo. (November 18-December 31, 2004).

The even takes

place at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, New York

and starts at 7:30 pm.

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