MTV Censors Eminem’s Performance At European Awards

Multi-platinum rapper Eminem was reportedly banned from executing his parody of pop icon Michael Jackson for a performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome Thursday (November 18).

The Detroit rapper had allegedly arranged to dress as Jackson, wearing a wig and a fake nosepiece, to perform his single “Just Lose It” off his album Encore in the Tor di Valle hippodrome where the award show took place.

Upon observing Eminem’s rehearsal the previous morning, according to reports, MTV executives instructed Eminem to alter his routine sans the Jackson charade, insisting that it would cause humiliation and controversy.

“Bosses stepped in when it became clear he was going overboard,” a source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “He wanted to rub Jackson’s nose in his child molestation charges in front of a TV audience of millions.”

The rapper agreed to MTV’s demand, but he did reportedly bring 40 children onto the stage to perform his anti-war single “Mosh.”

Children in fatigues marched around while Eminem performed the highly political song.

Eminem has already received backlash over his recent “Just Lose It” video, which features him as Jackson on a bed with kids jumping around, mocking Jackson’s current child molestation charges.In related news, Atlanta duo OutKast picked up three MTV awards for the evening, including Best Group, Best Song and Video for their hit “Hey Ya!”

The eccentric Andre 3000 told the crowd in his acceptance speech, “I hope you don’t get tired of us. We only do what we do.”

Eminem’s rap group D12 also won the Best Hip-Hop award at the show.

Eminem’s latest album Encore was released Friday (November 19) and claimed the number one spot on the Billboard Charts, selling over 700,000 units in just three days.

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