Cormega Treats New Fans to 2-For-1 Deal

Veteran Queesbridge MC Cormega is gearing up for a monumental 2005.

Opening the year will be the release of The Testament, an album that sat on Def Jam’s shelves for five plus years.

Following, Cormega will release his third independent album following two critically acclaimed and high-selling releases.

For those who haven’t had the luxury of hearing him, Cormega gives fans an early Christmas present.

“The reason I’m releasing Special Edition is because as an independent, you really don’t know how many records you gonna sell. The Realnessdid [over] a hundred thousand and that’s what we pressed up. You can’t go to the store and buy the album. Then, there’s The True Meaning, and a lot of places don’t have it,” Cormega told

He continued, “This way, the people that aren’t too familiar with me, they’ll have both. As a special gift to fans, you buy The Realness, you get The True Meaning free and vice-versa, for the price of one.”

The album is available where Hip-Hop is sold on Cormega’s own Legal Hustle label.

The second disc features several unreleased mixes featuring Freeway, Tragedy Khadafi and others.

As another treat, the first disc features a lengthy preview at a DVD Cormega is currently readying.

Cormega told, “You’ll see show footage, you’ll see me in the studio. But you’ll also see me in the hospital talking to people that can no longer walk anymore. Me, at a baby shower. I do a lot of things. I’m not just a rapper, I’m a person. This is just to show people my life as it is now – the human side of me.”

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