John Forte Fights Drug Laws

ABC’s investigative news show “Prime Time” reported the present status of John Forte, a rapper serving 14 mandatory years in jail on drug charges.

A first-time offender, Forte is trying to ease his lengthy sentence, a weighty endeavor under the current legal system.

However, the rapper stated that his optimism of getting out keeps him motivated to be proactive.

“I’d probably be dead without hope. Everyday I wake up and I say, ‘you know what? Today is the day that something good is going to happen,’” Forte said.

According to prosecutors, drug couriers were hired to haul drugs from Texas to New York. Prosecutors say they had taped conversations of Forte referring to cocaine as "ice cream," arranging to pick up almost 31 pounds at the Newark, New Jersey International Airport. Federal agents arrested him after he was handed a suitcase by two women.

Forte maintains that he was attempting to deliver money, not drugs, but doesn’t admit to being completely innocent.

Much of the awareness surrounding the Former Fugee’s case is related to his surrogate mother, singer Carly Simon. When he turned 13, Forte won a full scholarship to the prestigious Exeter academy, where he befriended Simon’s son Ben Taylor. From there, the Brooklyn native became a part of the family.

As family, Simon defends Forte passionately and now fights for a repeal of the mandatory minimum drug laws that remove a judge’s discretion in a case.

“I’m prepared to fight this until the last possibility is exercised,” Simon said.

Now 29, John Forte is slated to get out of jail when he is 38.

Forte began his once-illustrious career off doing A&R for Rawkus before hooking up with The Fugess. Forte released an album, Poly Sci as well as singing backup during family friend Carly Simon’s last tour. Forte also helped in the production of The Fugee’s 17 million seller The Score. Moreover, he’s worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Wyclef, the Black Eyed Peas and Public Enemy.

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