Big Tigger Moving Out Of Rap City

Big Tigger’s "Rap

City: The Bassment," Hip-Hop’s longest running national TV show, will air

the last episode featuring Tigger on Monday (Jan. 17) on BET.

"I am sad to see The Bassment end. It was and has been

a pleasure to bring hip hop into homes around the world for the past 5 years,"

Tigger told "I appreciated all the love and support given

by the viewers, artists, record companies, sponsors, and most of all my Rap City

staff. Up next are a great many things."

The show had a hand in not only increasing rap’s exposure, but

showcasing some of Hip-Hop’s finest through interviews and on-the-spot freestyles.

Rappers entered the cozy environment of Tigger’s "Bassment," complete

with mom’s home food cooking and were introduced to the world.

"I will continue to raise money through my charitable organization

and to do big thangs," Tigger assured. The aspiring rapper also said he

plans to delve into acting and work on an album of his own.

Tigger will still host his weekly syndicated radio show, "Live

in the Den," now in 66 markets and expanding to three hours.

But fans of "Rap City" will certainly miss the classic freestyles

in "the Booth" and Tigger’s various DJ "cousins" making

guest appearances.

Tigger will remain on air at BET on "Bet Style" alongside

video vixen Melyssa Ford, in addition to hosting the "Blueprint" specials

featuring one-on-one’s with Hip-Hop artists.

A new personality will take over hosting duties on the long-running

show, which will also have a new format.

Tigger’s new cognac

Grand Lenare will hit stores this month, and his signature line of automotive

rims drops in April.

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