The Mind of Mannie Fresh

Artist: Mannie FreshTitle: The Mind of Mannie FreshRating: 2 1/2 StarsReviewed by: David Lopez

In the same vein as Kanye West and the Alchemist, it’s now the norm for producers to put out solo albums where they produce and rap. Mannie Fresh is no exception to this phenomenon and on his solo debut, The Mind of Mannie Fresh (Cash Money/Universal), the Cash Money beat maestro who produced the platinum hits like Juvenile’s “ Back That Azz up,” and the BG’s “Bling Bling” takes us on a journey through his psyche. But on this LP you will find that the mind of Mannie is way too fresh, pun intended. Unfortunately, the album does not stray to far away from the usual Cash Money Records themes of misogyny and materialism and Fresh’s synthesized beats become too monotonous.

On the untitled intro of the album, Fresh fulfills his prophecy, stationg, “I told ya’ll ass I would be back in a old school Fleetwood big bone Cadillac, I told ya’ll I would return with a whole lot of money to burn.” Fresh also gives props to the girls with the diamonds in every toenail, Gucci boots with the G’s all around them, and says he is two dollars away from being a billionaire. What better way to introduce us to the ignorant and humorous behavior that we have come to expect?

Lead single “Real Big” has a thumping sound that adds to the tracks grandiose boasts about his lavish lifestyle. Fresh brags, “Yeah pimpin’ still blinding, keep a Steve Harvey lining (edge it up) And I’m leather reclining, keep the music Alpining’ , turn it up .” On “Conversation,” he exchanges pimp game with female MC Tateeze, on the cut he encourages wallflowers to get on the dance floor and do old school dances like the “Running Man,” “ Bunny Hop,” and “The Smurf.” Fresh shows no insecurities about his weight by devoting an entire hook to himself on “Chubby Boy,” “I got em saying Go Chubby Boy” make the block hot, Go Chubby Boy make that p%ssy pop.”

Mannie highlights superficial traits he desires in women like clothes and nails on “Beautiful Bitch,” featuring rapper Six Shot. Similarly, in his ode to fellatio, “Pu**y Power,” Fresh makes no attempt to acknowledge a women’s true worth, he chants on the track, “From America to China all I want is Vagina.” Fresh spits more senseless verses like “She sucking on my thang, and I am about to skeet. She vegetarian but she love my meat,” on “Tell It Like It Is.”

Fresh does a degrading remake of Keith Sweat’s beautiful classic “Make it Last Forever, ” as he entices women to shake their asses forever on “Shake That A**, ” featuring Tateeze.

Surprisingly, on “Lady Lady” he offers a laid back sound and shows more regard for females with the help of Lil Wayne on the hook. The most honest track on the opus is “Nothing Compares to Love,” as the child recited hook proves to be sincere, as Fresh talks about difficult times in which love overshadows materialism. On “Mayor Song” he urges public officials to make positive changes in the hood, but the skit immediately following about swingers and singers takes away from the conscious theme of the serious track.

On The Mind of Mannie Fresh we learn that Mannie is no Kanye West when it comes to the lyrics. He is a manufactured rapper who is more concerned with selling records with blatant ignorance than dropping any thing of worth to his listeners. He shows that he is capable of dropping jewels, but not enough on his debut, leaving us to ponder the maturity of Mannie’s mind.

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